Greek Islands in 20 Photos

Greek Islands in 20 Photos

We left NYC in September 2017 to embark on a journey around the world. The first part of our 12 countries x 12 months voyage started in Greece, sailing the Greek Islands. We must have taken over 1,000 photos, so it wasn’t easy to choose 20 photos for this summary. That being said, we are so happy to share our journey with you below.


1 – We arrived in Paris on Tuesday so that Trina could finish her last week in the office and say goodbye to the rest of her colleagues. On Thursday, we were on a flight towards Greece. 16 hours later, we arrived on the island of Samos. In the port town of Pythagorion, we were greeted by Pierre’s uncle who picked us up on his dingy. Our final destination – a sailboat named Idefix.

2 – On our 2nd day, we sailed over to a smaller town named Posidonio. There we spotted a couple with a stand-up paddle. Trina instantly made it her mission to befriend to a couple in order to join in on the fun.

sailboat in greece stand up paddle in greece on a sailboat

3 – Pierre’s uncle & aunt have been sailing around the Mediterranean for about 10 years. The day after his retirement, his uncle took his aunt to a boat show where they purchased their first sailboat. 6 months out of the year, they call this boat home. Here we are in Agathonisi. We were the only boat anchored in the bay this evening.

sailing greece drone photo

4 – That’s the wonderful thing about having your own sailboat. You can go where your heart desires so long as the wind takes you there. You’re able to explore more remote areas and get away from the typical crowds. There were some nights where we felt like the ocean belonged to only us. Below I’m swimming in the crystal clear waters of Arki – perhaps my favourite island amongst all that we visited in Greece.

aerial greek island blue water

5 – We took the dingy to land to explore the Island of Arki and watch the sunset from one of the three hills that makeup the island. Again, we had the whole area to ourselves.

adventure travel couple couple photo

6 – Pierre went back on shore at night. This time, his mission was to capture something that we rarely had the opportunity to see in NYC – the Milky Way galaxy.

travel photographer night adventure greece

7 & 8 – Welcome to the port of Lipsi. A short overnight stop to explore the village of Lipsi and have dinner.

lipsi greece aerial  lipsi marina octopus

9 – Pierre looking over the sea on the Rock of Kalikatsou in Patmos.

10 – I tried to keep up with them. At 70 years old, Pierre’s uncle leads the pack on a hike to a secluded beach on the other side of the island. I’m melting in the sun as I try to keep up with Pierre’s aunt.

patmos island greece adventure  hiking patmos island

11 – Well worth the journey! Trina enjoying the shade under a tamarisk tree.

12 – We took the long way back – up and down through the hills rushing to beat dusk settling.

patmos island beach  travel youtuber

13 – Dusk arrived before we made it back to the boat.

sunset patmos island greece

14 – Leaving the Dodecanese for the Naxos in the Cyclades. Pierre’s aunt used to get seasick however that’s no longer the case.

sailing greece dufour

15 – Unfortunately I can’t quite say the same for me. On a journey from Naxos to Andros, I’m desperately biting down on a piece of ginger as I hold back tears of fear.

sea sick sailing greece

16 – As glamorous as a trip around the world sounds, much of our time is spent editing, writing, researching, and planning. Catching up on our workload in a cafe with decent internet in Andros.

digital nomad greece

17 & 18 – Of course there will always be time for exploring new towns and meeting some unexpected friends. In Chora on Andros Island, we had a guest join us for a photoshoot.

chora andros island streets  chora andros island

19 – We must go to the viewpoint of the cave Pierre! Trina was determined to find the best spot on the island to view the city set on a cliff.

chora andros island

20 – Travel gives us the gift of meeting new people and opening our eyes to a new way of life. This helps us dream but also realistically understand what the world has to offer. Below – a beach house for sale in Paleopolis.

paleopolis beach andros

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