Santorini in 10 Instagram Photos

Santorini in 10 Instagram Photos

We only spent a few hours in Santorini, but the smiles on our faces lasted much longer than a few hours after visiting this Greek Island gem. If you’re within a 4 hour radius of this island, it’s definitely worth a visit. Read more about how to avoid crowds in Santorini here. Otherwise, enjoy the visual summary below.

Featured Image – The Smile on my face after I “kidnapped” Pierre to Santorini while we waited for winds to pick up in Naxos.

Pierre hates crowds but who could resist a backdrop with volcanic islands and a deep blue sea.

There were certainly crowds of tourists here. The trick is to venture off the main / high streets away from the crowds.


In Oia, we had to quickly snap this photo as people continued to walk pass us. You’ll find narrow pathways that lead down into the village.

In Fira, go in the opposite direction of the main cathedral. Here you’ll be able to find corners all to yourself!

I also decided to work on my photography skills with Pierre being my model. The background certainly helped!

Our trip also made for an excellent blog. Check our the video and drop footage ♥here.

Our impromptu fashion shoot. 

And yes – Santorini is one of the most romantic places on Earth. 


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