About Us

About Us

We’re Trina & Pierre. American girl meets French guy in Nigeria. Flash forward 6 years later, and we’ve call Lagos, Istanbul, Paris, and New York City our home. We were meant to settle down in the States but somewhere along the line we got caught up in this wonderful idea that we could live anywhere in the world. That we could do what we love, find passion, and secure our futures all at the same time. I can’t tell you if this dream will become a reality, but we are sure as hell going to try. To all you dreamers out there, we’re ready to dream with you and make some great things happen along the way.

Project 12×12

We have always loved the notion of traveling to various parts of the world whenever we had the opportunity. However, backpacking across the globe was no longer appealing to either of us at this stage in our life. We came across the notion that we could instead live in various parts of the world for short periods of time while traveling, working, and pursuing a common project before starting a family. Hence, Project 12×12 was born. Starting September 2017, we will leave our current base of NYC to live in 12 countries during the next 12 months.

Deciding to Leave

After telling people that we were going to leave NYC (and quit my job), people often ask how we decided to make the change. I would like to say that traveling around the world has always been my dream. It was certainly a dream of Pierre’s but the fact is that we were well ready to settle in the NYC for a few years. If I could some it up for you, this is the series of events and notions that led us to take this journey.

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