Best Local Food in Porto Portugal (Video Guide)

Best Local Food in Porto Portugal (Video Guide)

During our first evening in Porto, our Portuguese friend Sam introduced us to the best local food in Porto.

Our Portuguese friend Sam took us to a great seafood spot for a delicious dinner. We order soup, the local Bacalhau (cod fish), dessert, and plenty of wine.

When we went to pay the bill, to total was €7. We were shocked! Our friend mentioned that there are many places like this still in Porto but they are quickly disappearing with the increase of tourism in the city. Therefore, we set out on our own mission to discover these local restaurants while they still exist!

Here is our list for non-touristy food experiences in Porto:

1st Restaurant
?LOCAL SPOT: No Name and NOT listed on Google Maps. Located 2 min away from a cafe called “Epoca Porto” where we got the 2 cakes.
?COST: 6.20€ per person. We always opt for the menu of the day which includes soup + fish & side + wine (0,25l) + café + fruit or desert of the day.

Coffee and Cake
?LOCAL SPOT: Epoca Porto see Google Map
?COST: Approximately 4€ for two cakes. We tried the almond blueberry & cinnamon cardamon. They were delicious (and vegan)!

Port Wine Tasting
?TOURIST SPOT (but still good!): Burmeister.
?COST: 10€ per person for tour + 2 wines. 15€ for tour + 4 wines + chocolate. Our guide was super friendly and we found the tour and tasting to definitely be worth the 10€.

Dinner Restaurant
?LOCAL SPOT: Sai Cao. Local restaurant serving fish. You can have bacalhau and many other local dishes. Make sure the bacalhau has soaked long enough in the water – the server will tell you.
?COST: 28€ total for 4 people. We order soup, fish, wine, and desert. For less than 7€ each, this place is a real deal!

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  • We are on out way to porto January 2, 2019
    What other places do you recommend please
    We are also going to villamoura do you have any suggestions there.
    Thank you

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