Sintra Portugal – The Beverly Hills of Medieval Times

Sintra Portugal – The Beverly Hills of Medieval Times

Ever heard of the Beverly Hills of Medieval times in Portugal?!

If you’re in Lisbon for a few days, visiting Sintra is a must on your list.

How to Get There:
Sintra is easily accessible from Lisbon by car or train. Once in Sintra, you have a few options of getting from castle to castle which include private tuks tuks, walking (to the city center & Quinta da Regaleira), or taking the public bus.

Why Go:
Besides being the Beverly Hills of Medieval Times, Sintra is a great place to explore many different castles and there grounds. This was so much fun. It almost felt like a “Palace Disneyland”. Being from France, we’ve seen many castles before but none as colorful and unique as these! We were only there for a day, and managed to visit two castles: Quint de Regaleira & Palace de Pena.

We went exploring just for you! Here is our video on Sintra Portugal – the magical hills.

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