This is What You Should Eat in Athens – Video Guide

This is What You Should Eat in Athens – Video Guide

If you only have a short amount of time to visit Athens, you must try these foods and restaurants during your trip.

Watch our video summary and continue reading for a list of best places to eat in Athens. Let’s get started!


The number one item that you must try when visiting Athens of course is the infamous Pita or Souvlaki. You will find these delectable flatbread sandwiches everywhere. Bonus – Pitas are super affordable.

?LOCAL SPOT: Thanasis
This was the best pita & souvlaki restaurant according to the locals we asked. We ordered two vegetarian pitas and the flatbread was by far once of the best that we have tried – both fluffy and delicious! The Greek salad options include with and without feta.
?COST: 6.20€ for 2  x Vegetarian Pitas + 1 Greek Salad


Go here for delicious food from Crete. The food here is one of the freshest that we have had in Athens and highlights some of the best ingredients that Greece has to offer. We went here after our friend who lives in Andros recommended it.
?COST: 22€ for dinner for 2 people (3 plates + wine)


After a hot day of walking around Athens, nothing beats a refreshing scoop of gelato.

?LOCAL SPOT: Le Greche – Artisanal Gelato
We went here 3 times during our 48 hours in Athens. You won’t find any chemicals here. Le Greche serves up gelato made only from the freshest ingredients.
?COST:4€ for 2 scoops gelato in a cup or cone


Loukoumades may look like donut holes but don’t let that fool you. You haven’t tried donut balls like these before. The consistency is much more similar to a churro ball. If anything, this is a great treat when strolling around the area of Plaka.

?LOCAL SPOT: Lukumades
We walked pass this spot and were instantly intrigued by the amount of people sitting at tables outside eating these friend balls of dough. We had to try them! You can have them plain or with your topping of choice. We opted for the chocolate sauce on top.
?COST: 4€ for 12 balls with chocolate sauce


Traveling vegans and vegetarians will be in luck during most of your trip in Greece. Vegetable are the highlight of many famous Greek dishes. Bonus – Most restaurants will have a section dedicated specifically to vegetables.

?LOCAL SPOT: Mama Tierra
Something to try if you are tired of everyday Greek food. The restaurant serves vegan takes on both traditional dishes as well as some Asian inspired plates. I loved the coconut cream moussaka!
?COST: 17€ for lunch for 2 ppl (2 dishes + 1 smoothie to share)



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